July 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

An entire French-Press with my tofu scramble this morning – First day in our new space!


A space marinated with the lingering auras of 5ive Style, Euphone and Disappears -

We’re hitting the big Reset Button after these upcoming east coast shows, hunkering back down into private-mode after a year of being public (Over 100 shows! Ugh.) Picking up new and old instruments and bringing new and old friends in. But, excuse me. I’m super-psyched so I’m getting ahead of myself.

Test-run today recording a song for a Shakefork Records Compilation. When I was 17 Shakefork was the coolest. It’s definitely satisfying to be a part of a Shakefork comp almost 20 years after It’s A Punk Thing . . . And my horoscope, fucking primo-ideal for a day recording, proved true.

AND next week, July 14th – me, Mike, Erik Bocek, Kevin Frank and Ryan Weinstein – Minor Threat covers set for a good cause. Details yet to surface exactly.


Almost 37-years-old and still no good at parties

July 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

. . . Even on such a nice good fun happy day in which we all just wanna celebrate our common American-wanna–blow-shit-up-ness with a few cold ones. Fun Fun Fun!





















































(UK Tour Diary and Epic Sam “People Dick” Zurick interview coming soon . . .)





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