Oh My God, What’s my Problem?

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes people say to me, you know, I’m walking down the street and I’m a friendly guy with a coffee and then there he is, I see my man and he’s like coming out of the record store that he’s ducked into to browse for a minute on his way to Big Star from Lula waiting for Rainbo to open and he’s like, ‘You wrote a book or something? How’d you do that?’ 

And well, there’s really only one answer to that question. Check it out –

Orchard Vale Fall 2010

Lock yourself in the small room your dad died in for a few weeks at a time with nothing except a sheet and a pillow and coffee and Ta-Da! Book! Ducking back in for two weeks starting today, deep breath.

Check this out though. I am cheating and leaving for one glorious night. You know what’s awesome? My Minor Threat cover band!

It really starts at 7 though.

Except it really starts at 7, not 10. And man, it sounds really good. It sounds a lot like Minor Threat.












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