Epiphany: Why I imagine I’ll probably never have sex again

July 14, 2011 § 9 Comments

OR: In terms of The Groucho Marx Rule – Why I Would Never Want to Have Sex with Anyone That Would Ever Want to Have Sex With Me. 

Oh my god, I know exactly how to state it – 36 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 5 days of suffering earth-life later, I get it!

(I’m not particularly interested these days in trying to get laid, but unfortunately, I’m more interested in that than anything else in the world. – But, I’ve figured out how to conceptualize this distracting ambivalence.)

Simply, I just have zero interest in ever sleeping with anyone again that does not “believe” in “the occult.”

I think that’s a good and relevant way to state the standard. I’ve learned from the clumsy attempts at connection – however the sex itself may be, always thinking ‘oh, something’s not right.’ The ultimate merry-go-round of misunderstanding is so simple –

#1 – What does it mean to “believe” in something or not? Does accepting the possibility of something possibly being true mean belief? The dictionary says Belief means confidence or faith in the truth of something.

#2 -However, what could a term as abstract as “the occult” mean? Sure, it’s discipline and faith in some unnameable senses of being in the world, but where does one then draw the lines of what isn’t “the occult?” Initiates know, the occult is a way of seeing everything.

Therefore, belief in the occult means only confidence or faith in powers beyond one’s own knowledge. All these likable people with their sexy bodies and smart personalities – isn’t it all such ego to not “believe” in “the occult?”  To not believe in the occult means you think you know everything? Who could possibly think they know everything? Apparently everyone?

Aye De Mi, Thursday afternoon, 75 degrees and sunny.


Oh My God, What’s my Problem?

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes people say to me, you know, I’m walking down the street and I’m a friendly guy with a coffee and then there he is, I see my man and he’s like coming out of the record store that he’s ducked into to browse for a minute on his way to Big Star from Lula waiting for Rainbo to open and he’s like, ‘You wrote a book or something? How’d you do that?’ 

And well, there’s really only one answer to that question. Check it out –

Orchard Vale Fall 2010

Lock yourself in the small room your dad died in for a few weeks at a time with nothing except a sheet and a pillow and coffee and Ta-Da! Book! Ducking back in for two weeks starting today, deep breath.

Check this out though. I am cheating and leaving for one glorious night. You know what’s awesome? My Minor Threat cover band!

It really starts at 7 though.

Except it really starts at 7, not 10. And man, it sounds really good. It sounds a lot like Minor Threat.











Update: Spies

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July 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

An entire French-Press with my tofu scramble this morning – First day in our new space!


A space marinated with the lingering auras of 5ive Style, Euphone and Disappears –

We’re hitting the big Reset Button after these upcoming east coast shows, hunkering back down into private-mode after a year of being public (Over 100 shows! Ugh.) Picking up new and old instruments and bringing new and old friends in. But, excuse me. I’m super-psyched so I’m getting ahead of myself.

Test-run today recording a song for a Shakefork Records Compilation. When I was 17 Shakefork was the coolest. It’s definitely satisfying to be a part of a Shakefork comp almost 20 years after It’s A Punk Thing . . . And my horoscope, fucking primo-ideal for a day recording, proved true.

AND next week, July 14th – me, Mike, Erik Bocek, Kevin Frank and Ryan Weinstein – Minor Threat covers set for a good cause. Details yet to surface exactly.


Almost 37-years-old and still no good at parties

July 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

. . . Even on such a nice good fun happy day in which we all just wanna celebrate our common American-wanna–blow-shit-up-ness with a few cold ones. Fun Fun Fun!





















































(UK Tour Diary and Epic Sam “People Dick” Zurick interview coming soon . . .)





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