Only person on the bus for over 2 minutes!

October 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Third biggest city in The Homeland. Yet still – Friday afternoon, 1:30 pm downtown – I was entirely alone (except for the driver of course) on the #56.

Sorry the video isn’t longer. But if you wanna look on the bright side, it’s kinda crazy that I could videotape something on my phone at all! Even if it is this short.

I was the ONLY motherfucker on the bus! For more than 2 minutes! In the middle of the afternoon!

I felt like The Donald Trump in his important stretch limousine.

I felt like how I imagine the Aborigines must feel on a Walkabout.

I felt like one of the lost Russian cosmonauts.

Man, wish you could’ve been there . . .



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§ 2 Responses to Only person on the bus for over 2 minutes!

  • Anton says:

    On the last Friday, which was also the last one of the month, he consciously filmed an empty bus. Taking note of the emptiness, the place existed only for him, and of course, the man working the machine. A reminder to tour the afternoon, he sat in the back on that middle seat that allows for such luxurious leg room and like a pilgrim, drifted for once in a life, time was a lonely occasion.

    Tim, do you like the song “Down in Bermuda” by J-yoga pants? It is sort of reassuring to know this song lies in a region west of obscurity, and yet deducts nothing from the man who tours in yoga pants.

  • Lucio says:

    same thing happens to me dude.

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