Lie Back and Enjoy It

August 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Chicago Film Archives invited Jessica Bardsley and me to make a thing. So we made this.


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§ 2 Responses to Lie Back and Enjoy It

  • lexdexter says:

    Do you dig Juicy Lucy? I love that song “Goodbye LA, Hello Birmingham” on the record I think you’re pointing at. ‘Have always wanted to apologize: I interviewed you, and you answered thoughtfully, for a paper I gave at a Folklore Conference. My questions failed my topic and maybe wasted your time but you said great shit. The paper came off really well, people “got it.”

    The Jesus Lizard at CBs, Cecil Taylor at the Knit, Come + The Grifters at Maxwell’s, every Easy Action show, Shipping News in Murfreesboro and Codeine at Lincoln Hall are among the only gigs I’ve seen that loom with the Love of Everything/Make Believe/JOA gig I saw at Berbati’s (sp?) in Portland on the So Much Staying Alive tour. Absolutely face-burning. It reset my standards for what to expect out of rock/life.

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