Thank You, A Class, And A Book

November 16, 2012 § 8 Comments

I just know I saw these curtains in the background of The Wire!


First of all I’d like to thank all the hosts and all of the people that came out for my living room shows. That was a very exciting 10 days for me. I’ve confirmed that my predisposition for anxiety is by no means improved by traveling alone – I was hoarding gas and non-perishables and water, convinced that a party at Olive Garden was staring me down.

But those shows were really such a pleasure to play. I hope if you came out to one that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to Adam in Westland, MI; Jessica and her folks in Akron; Stephen in Rochester; Kevin in Boston; Natasha in Williamsburg; Eric in Flatbush; Maeve and Jake in Philadelphia; Jared in Baltimore; and Tara in Pittsburgh. It was very kind and generous of each of you to open your homes to me and my people.


And now that I’m home for a little while I’m preparing for a class I’ll be teaching this spring at The University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Education.

If anyone in Chicago would like to spend 4 weeks workshopping your Experimental Fiction with me, please sign up. It’s Thursday nights, February 14 – March 7. It’s open registration and details for enrollment are here:



And finally, still sorting out the potential release of my second novel Let Go and Go On and On – an endless and  soul-crushing process which will hopefully all fall into place soon (fingers crossed.) But in the meantime, I think it’s safe to announce a different book forthcoming in 2013 – All Over and Over: Make Believe Tour Diaries, 2006. A shocking expose indeed into the lives of four grown men living all wrong. Details soon.


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§ 8 Responses to Thank You, A Class, And A Book

  • Michael Smoler says:

    Hi Tim — long lost older than old school buddy, Michael S. here, Sussex Ct., Denver, LA. You mention the Make Believe Tour Diaries coming out soon — a professor of mine from my Naropa days, Steven Taylor (who was A. Ginsberg’s guitarist and musical genius for 20-some years) , wrote a tender and engaging book called “False Prophet: Fieldnotes From The Punk Underground (published by Wesleyan). It’s half ethnomusicology and half “tour diaries” — it’s a good read, if yr interested — at least the field notes are. You are living the good life, buddy. Stayin alive, one day at a…

  • Nate Kinsella says:

    I’m scared.

  • Duffy says:

    It is important to state, at the gait, that I don’t care about the background of MB in a “juicy-tabloid” sorta way. With that said; I’m pretty excited about this Make Believe book. I always found a mysterious element to this band (the thought occurred to me the first time I saw MB in Tampa and witnessed all the members in the band performing in ways I’d never seen before, then a second time while sharing pizza with MB in a Gainesville, Fl parking lot while sharing my respect and love for Calvino and skateboarding and hooking some members up with “fun”. I’ve always wanted to read what it was like in that giant Van, have always thought MB stories were to be undoubtedly odd and filled with some unbelievable elements in comparison to other bands. A good read, I’m sure.

  • any expected date on this book? I just got excited about it again!

    • Tim Kinsella says:

      We decided to push it back until after the second novel. That comes out around April 14 so I don’t know, not before Spring 15 now? But it’s a thing that will improve with aging actually.

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