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Three Readings of The Communist Manifesto

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This is kinda embarrassing, but I think maybe it’s more embarrassing to let it dangle unacknowledged.

I have a reading list printed in a corner of the newest issue of Nylon Magazine. I was asked to submit a list of my 5 favorite books unified by a particular theme. I chose to make a list of books in which form and function are unified in perfect synthesis – Ie; the narrative voice is the story.

And sure, maybe as a theme it’s a little clunky or abstract. I prefer to think of it as SUBTLE, but maybe I’m being dumb. Point is, the title of the list was changed to “Experimental Language.”

This is embarrassing because if I was asked to make a list of books of Experimental Language that I like, I certainly never would’ve included Shirley Jackson or Borges.


So, for the record: I just wanna make clear, because it makes me look like a dumb-ass, that contrary to what I may be represented as saying, by no means am I under any delusion that either Shirley Jackson or Borges is a user of “Experimental Language.”

And the people I dealt with at Nylon were real nice, so I know this was not a malicious plot to make me appear ignorant. And Yeah, I’m sure their mailroom is just up to their necks with outraged letters re: these Preposterous Implications! But you know, it’s embarrassing. Just like it’s embarrassing to be so self-aware and petty to bother correcting it, but you know, I don’t know. It’s embarrassing.

In other news: September News Re-cap (So we can all one day look back on the innocence of our simple lives in these last days before Occupy-Here-and-There – – C’mon Tipping Point!)














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